NEW! Late Night Writes!

It’s a mini-retreat for writers!

Join us for a Late Night Write in your PJs, elbow-to-elbow with other writers, in a safe, comfy, cozy space. Let the writing prompts inspire you, or ignore them completely. Compete in word-sprints, or take your own damn time. This is your chance to get away from the obligations of the real world to escape into the glorious worlds of your imagination — and get that story out of your head.
Late Night Writes are limited to 10 people, and usually occur on the first Saturday of the month (check calendar to be sure). Seating options include several chairs at the table, a coupla armchairs, a buncha floor pillows, and one couch that sits up to three butts.
Life is busy, but your soul needs to write. Finding balance is hard, but gifting yourself with the time and space to feed your inner writer is easy.
Late Night Write: $15 or $7.50 with a food and/or bev donation.
Connecting with other writers: Priceless.
RSVP here; pay here: PayPal.Me/toliveandwrite or here:

Late Night Write

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