Workshop Series: The Artist’s Way

The Artist’s Way workshops, as presented by To Live and Write in Alameda, stretch across an entire season and are designed to help you reconnect with your creativity. We use Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way Workbook to guide us through her process of returning to that which often gets pushed aside or left behind in our busy lives.


$250. Includes The Artist’s Way, The Artist’s Way Workbook, 13 meetings, and membership in a private Facebook group. Wednesday nights April 24 through July 24 (no meeting July 3). Facilitated by Bronwyn Emery. 

To apply, contact Bronwyn at If you’re eager to do the workshop on your own or with friends and would like some tips and encouragement, just ask. We charge money for the simple reason that there are folks out there who need structure, accountability, and to have paid for something to follow through with it. 



Thirteen weeks is a serious commitment, and you may find life gets in the way of one or two meetings. We will take notes and keep you in the loop to the best of our ability, and keep each other up to date in the Facebook group. For 13 weeks, and as far into the future as you would like to keep it alive, the Facebook group is your safe place to connect, explore, reach out, and appreciate each others journey.


Julia Cameron relies heavily on her beliefs in a Christian God, and that is reflected in much of the text. Please know that our workshop neither rejects nor embraces her beliefs. However, this is a spiritual journey–in that we reach outside as well as inside ourselves for growth, inspiration, and self-realization. Bronwyn uses the terms “soul” and “spirit” with enthusiasm and the best intentions.


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Bronwyn Emery is the founder and facilitator of To Live and Write in Alameda, a writing community that exists on Facebook and IRL. In past lives, she has been a columnist and Our Town editor at the Tracy Press, the Marketing and Community Relations Director at Alaska Sports, Inc., and a ghostwriter for self-help gurus. She has mentored new writers off and on since 2002 and is currently a writing coach, storyteller, and novelist who conducts interactive writing and cross-creativity labs and workshops for adults. Several times a year she hosts retreats for a select group of writers in various locations in California, Nevada, and overseas. In her spare time she produces monthly open mics (Local Voices) and curated story nights (Alameda Shorts) in Alameda, California.  

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