Pen to Page: Journaling Night

Join us for an evening of journaling in the company of others doing the same.

It can be a surprisingly comforting and reassuring situation, and we invite you along for the experience.

Newbies and life-long journalers welcome. I’ll be on hand to guide those who want it with prompts, direction, and a little structure.

Or, you can pop the earbuds in, tune me out, and luxuriate in some alone time with your thoughts and your journal.

Pen to Paper: Journaling Night
7 to 9 p.m. @ Julie’s Coffee & Tea
Second Thursday of the Month
NO FEE – save it for food + drink + tips for the staff

Wear what’s comfy: Sweats, jeans, jammies, jeggings. If you feel good leaving the house in it, who are we to judge?

NO FEE to journal with us — save your money to buy food + drink and to tip the staff who stay late so we can do this.

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