~Writing Studio~ Truth & Dare

In line with The Artist’s Way

Days 1 & 2: Narrative Non-Fiction | Day 3: Fiction

We dare you to tell the truth with us, to gently explore the complex ideas and simple stories that make up your sense of self, and to visit or revisit what is truly interesting and maybe a little daring about you. This is the narrative non-fiction part of the process.

Then we dare you to take what is real and explore possibilities.

On the third morning we approach our stories from a different angle. We take the time to acknowledge the impact our experiences have had on who we are in the world, as well as whether they have kept us connected or disconnected from the theme.  

We start each session on a Wednesday by tuning into a specific theme, beginning with Safety on September 4. We spend two mornings writing non-fiction, letting thoughts, emotions, and memories flow, and keeping them safe within the group. Confidentiality and respect required.

Fridays are for writing what could be. Dare to design good things for yourself.

You are always in control of what you share and what you keep to yourself.

Truth & Dare is hosted by Bronwyn Emery, who provides 90 minutes of prompts, exercises, and a safe space to share your writing (optional) every morning, as well as gentle nudges to challenge yourself and your writing.

If you have done The Artist’s Way with Bronwyn, another group, or on your own, you will recognize the order of subjects. From Safety and Identity through Autonomy and Faith, week by week Truth & Dare follows the path laid out by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way, which she designed decades ago to facilitate the artist’s return to creativity.

Truth & Dare offers you the opportunity to explore each topic in ways that are familiar, strange, old, new, and uniquely you.

Select one topic that calls to you, mix it up with one or two a month, or commit to the whole series. The choice is yours.

Each session is three days; 90 minutes online each day; 7:30-9:00 a.m. PST. Total per session: $45. Contact us at info@toliveandwrite.org for pricing on packages of multiple sessions and to book your favorites.

Sept 4-6 Safety
Sept 11-13 Identity
Sept 18-20 Power
Sept 25-27 Integrity
Oct 2-4 Possibility
Oct 9-11 Abundance
Oct 16-18 Connection
Oct 23-25 Strength
Nov 6-8 Compassion
Nov 13-15 Self-Protection
Nov 27-29 Autonomy
Dec 4-6 Faith

September Studios
October Studios
Nov+Dec Studios

Join us for morning sessions where we dare you to tell the truth, then dare you to explore its possibilities, and then sit back and applaud your daring—because all writing about the self takes courage, and don’t we know it.

*This is a pilot program; the price is set accordingly and will increase in 2020.

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