Welcome to The Month of Extraordinary Goals in July, 2020.

Special focus: Staying focused on a specific goal or intention while we adjust to reopening the world.

But what the hemk is it?

Inspiration. Motivation. Accountability. People who care.

In a nutshell, The MEG (Month of Extraordinary Goals) is a small, interactive group of writers who come together to focus on individual projects with 4-week deadlines.

Throw in a writing and creativity coach (hey! that’s me!) and weekly Zoom sessions to keep you motivated, et voila! Begin with a goal, end with a sense of achievement.

The MEG is usually a chance to sink your teeth into a single project and use an extraordinary situation to push it past “I’ll make progress someday” to “I’m doing this now! And it’s so cool!”

We are still not in usually times. We’re still shifting from shelter-in-place to a cautiously reopening and finding our way through upheaval into a better future, a better normal for everyone. Getting into your creative headspace can be a struggle on a good day, but 2020 has been back-to-back out-of-proportion WTF.

If goal setting and accountability add to your stress, let go. Join The MEG in a different month.*

However, since when did tapping into your imagination and playing with creativity make you feel worse about yourself?

I don’t mean diving into depressing scenarios in your mind; I mean inventing worlds and kicking off adventures, recording the quirkiness of daily life, exploring the nature of creative identity, and getting lost in the rabbit holes of research for the perfect character name.

Would you like to feel good about yourself and what you put into the world?

Do you need a reminder that you can still put things out into the world, even now? Especially now?

If you’re out of work and/or feeling wobbly about your identity, remember this:

A writer is a person who writes. And that’s you. Even if the writing has been on hold for a few weeks or a few months.

Would you like to return to a regular practice of connecting with your writer soul? What does that look like for you?

Let’s make it happen. $60 and 4 weeks. (June was $40; August will be $80)

This is how it works:

  • July MEGgers meet in your own private Facebook group where you check in with each other, chat, and share inspiration. Six people, max.
  • Once a week, I lead a 90-minute session on Zoom where you catch us up on your progress and I walk you through an exercise designed to keep you engaged with your project and feeling good about what you’ve been able to achieve.
  • I am also accessible for personal pep talks and prompts if you need them.
  • The first few days are for introductions, defining and sharing your goals, and establishing the ideal time for the weekly group coaching call. Then, we hit the ground running. Or ease into it. Whichever works for you.
  • Accountability is a key ingredient in The MEG, which means: People giving a hoot. Figuring out your personal accountability style is one of the first things we do.

Your goal is uniquely yours. To get an idea of the goals and intentions past MEGgers have set for themselves, here are a few examples:

  • Write the proposal for a non-fiction book
  • Submit 3 poems to 3 publications every week
  • Write and schedule 1 blog post every 5 days
  • Go through a collection of old writing and organize it
  • Figure out Act 2 and write 25k words
  • Get a website up and running
  • Finish 1 story a week and share it with others

The MEG is personal. If you don’t like the word “goal” there are other ways to play this. Ask me; we’ll figure it out.

$60 and 4 weeks. Let’s do this together.

Or Venmo @ Bronwyn-Emery or paypal.me/authorbronwynemery. Registration open until midnight Sunday, May 31 (PST), unless we fill up beforehand. Room for 6 people, max.

*The price goes up by $20 each month, but will cap out at $160 in December, 2020. January will begin at $210/month and will stay there through 2021.

Questions, concerns, or suggestions? Email info@toliveandwrite.org.

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