Cross-Creativity Workshop: Writing + Mosaics

March 28: In this cross-creativity workshop, we mix writing exercises with mosaics, and, of course, our signature wine, nibbles, and neighbors.
Alameda Art Lab provides the art supplies, I provide the writing prompts, and you bring your notebook, a favorite pen, and your creative spirit.
I’m excited to see what happens when a dash of imagination stimulation meets a splash of good wine and even better company on a crisp Spring evening. Aren’t you?
If you attended this workshop in December, you might be interested to learn we’re doing a different project in March. In honor of Spring, this one can live in the garden.
Writing + Mosaics Cross-Creativity Workshop
7 – 9 p.m. Thursday, March 28
Bring a friend and one of you saves $5 (2 for $95)
We have room for up to 10 creatives. Book now.
You know you want to.


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