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A Cohort writes for the pleasure of rising to a challenge and establishing a solid writing habit. It’s about the craft, it’s about becoming a stronger writer, and it’s about sharing your work with the world. Members at this level focus on setting and meeting specific personal goals and developing the courage and joy it takes to write to a deadline and a specific audience. At the Cohort level, doors open to events and activities designed to stretch your skills and immerse you in the active writing life. We take your progress seriously. For $15/month (or $150 /year) we provide:

  • Everything in the Friend membership
  • Private discussion groups with specific topics
  • Private write-ins in a comfortable, secure environment
  • Challenging writing games and activities to hone your skills
  • Exclusive invitations to Cohort events and activities
  • 15% discount on labs and workshops
  • 15% discount on retreats
  • 15% discount on merchandise
  • Basic, consistent support developing your author platform

Cohorts are intent on honing their skills in order to produce high quality work. You write short stories, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Or, you write books, blogs, articles, and screenplays. You seek out and accept opportunities to workshop with others, polish your work before sharing it with an audience, embrace contests and challenges with intent and imagination, and actively support and encourage newbies and Friend members who are just dipping a toe into the writing life.

You up your membership to Cohort because you want to finish that big project on your desk, take your storytelling to the next level, and give your work life in the world. You’re standing somewhere on a learning curve, and wherever that is, you’re excited about it. At this level, you’re willing to invest in yourself in a way that motivates you to achieve while giving you space to do it in your time, at your pace.

Come be a part of a slightly more intense group, hell bent on making this writing thing happen.


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