Write-Ins & Writing Groups

Write-Ins are free.

Drop in when you can, wear earbuds if you’d like, and get elbow-deep into writing shoulder-to-shoulder with other people who are fave fallen hopelessly and passionately in love with the same craft. We organize several Write-Ins a week (and double-down in November for NaNoWriMo), so check the calendar if you’re in our area and join us. Write-Ins are informal, which means we may have as few as two or as many of 10 writers show up; please email or leave a voice mail if you’re planning to write with us for the first time or if it’s been a while since your last visit, so we know what size table to reserve.

Writing Groups open every three months.

Whether writing is your hobby, your career, or something in between, being part of a group with similar goals and interests is one of the best gifts you can give your writer soul. Each group is designed to be a safe space where you will be encouraged to share your needs and priorities so that together we can set, track, and workshop how to meet your goals while we work to strengthen and enhance your writing. We offer a variety of writing groups that run for three months at a time, as well as a one-and-done option. Sign up now for the April-May-June cycle.*

  • Writers at Large. You’re passionate about writing and pretty damn good at it. People are constantly complimenting your writing and pushing you to do more. You want a safe place to share what you’re working on, enjoy what others have written, get and give some positive feedback, and bring your writing habit from the back burner to right now. You’re not ready for Local Voices: A Broken Mic or Alameda Shorts, but you have an idea you might get there someday soon. Maybe. You can commit to two meetings a month on Sunday afternoons, as long as you only have to produce for one of them. $29/month; minimum commitment: 3 months.
  • Private Writing and/or Critique Groups. You want to participate in a focused critique group but don’t want to have to organize, facilitate, or keep track of who’s doing what when—let alone send out reminders. And you’d like some help finding writers to join you. $39/month (group price); no minimum commitment.
  • Special Projects, in person. You have a specific story that needs telling, a series of articles to write, or a set of blog posts to develop before launching—whatever it is, you need help getting it done. You want your feet held to the fire by a private group of writers who are rooting for you to succeed. In this group, feedback is just the beginning. You can look forward to workshopping, encouragement, and coaching customized to your individual needs. With us at your back, you can get this thing done! You can commit to showing up in person and meeting a goal, however big or small, twice a month on Saturday afternoons. $49/month; minimum commitment: 3 months.
  • Special Projects, online. The same as above, but you’re not local or you can’t break away from home for whatever reason, so you need to Zoom or Skype in for a video conference. You’re invested in meeting specific goals and getting certain things off your list, and you crave the accountability only a hard-core writing group can exact. You can commit to showing up online and meeting a goal, however big or small, twice a month. $49/month; minimum commitment: 3 months.
  • Work in Progress (WIP) Workshop: Fiction, non-fiction, and memoir. You’re elbows deep in the first draft of your manuscript. You set your own pace, for the most part, but writing in a vacuum is no fun and it’s easy to get stuck writing in circles. You’d love to be part of a group of writers who take their work seriously, respect the craft, and experience the same highs and lows that come with writing on a book. You’re not ready for deadlines, and that’s okay. What you’re itching for is a workshopping situation where you can spitball ideas with other writers, ask for direction, contribute insight, and get a bunch of writing done—the kind of writing that gives purpose and direction to your book. You are eager to make significant progress in your craft and word count at the same time. You can commit to meeting twice a month on the first and third Saturday mornings of the month. $79/month; minimum commitment: 3 months.

*Details for the July-August-September cycle will be posted in June.

Workshop with peer input on one short project.

  • One Project. One deadline. One month. That’s all you need. You’re willing to meet up to four times, dig into your project, workshop what needs workshopping, improve your writing, get it done, and get out. $59

Private coaching available with members of the Protagonist Club.

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