ONLINE ACTIVITY Discussion Group

Join us for a lively discussion about writing and the writing life.

10 a.m. to noon PST Tuesdays and Saturdays

7 to 10 p.m. PST Thursdays

We talk about what it feels like to be a writer on a good day, what it feels like on a bad day, and what it feels like to hang out with people who get it.

We explore writer’s block, the illusive muse, and the challenges of carving time out of a busy day of living to sit still and write. We celebrate when the dam breaks and the words flow faster than the fingers, and we acknowledge the small victories, like a new writing habit that works, a successful critique group that motivates, or a partner at home who finally understands there are no “quick” or harmless interruptions.

We also get technical. We like to explore character arc, point-of-view, how to show instead of tell, whether adverbs really are the bane of good writing, and who will survive the zombie apocalypse longer, plotters or pantsers.

Most of all, we enjoy each others company. Expect laughter, some rowdiness, and people who “get you” and are happy to see you.

Members only. Fortunately, membership is fun to have, easy to get, and the Facebook membership is free. Join us at To Live and Write in Alameda for the Discussion Group Zoom meeting ID.

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