ONLINE Mini Retreats

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Every third Saturday of the month: Join us for a day focused on you, your creativity, and making significant progress on your wanna-get-it-done project. Why give up a Saturday for this?

Because it works and you are worth it.

It feels sooooo good to spend the day immersed in writing and creating.

It feels sooooo good to wrap up the day having occupied yourself with the work (and play) you love.

And it feels even better to step back and behold that you have accomplished–not just what you have accomplished, but that you have accomplished.

Remember that feeling?

Whoever you are, whatever you’re working on, this retreat provides support, focus, and plenty of motivation to get your hands back into what they love doing.

Ink, dirt, paint, thread, glass, wood, clay — if the project needs attention and you need motivation, this is the virtual retreat for you.

9 a.m. Welcome! Introductions all around, virtual hand shaking and emotive hugging from a safe distance, maybe some before shots of your creative situation. Who knows? We’ll improvise.

915 a.m. Daily Pages – clear your mind, set your intentions, fiddle with your goals, write a letter to the editor. Whatever. You do you with a pen and a notebook for the first 45. Guided writing available.

10 a.m. Switch gears and get to it. Engage in timed writing and creativity blocks, check-ins, brief chats, goal spotting, and independent work with a Zoom room of people holding you pleasantly accountable for focus and productivity.

1 p.m. Break for lunch. Nap. No, really. Nap.

3 p.m. Back to it. Timed writing and creativity blocks, check-ins, ongoing support from the other writers and creatives in the group, and more of that independent stuff you love so much.

6 p.m. Break for dinner. Drink plenty of water. Maybe go for a walk. Yeah, do that. Go for a walk. It’s good for you and the weather’s nice for it.

8 p.m. Proof of Write / Proof of Life. Writers in the group read up to 4 minutes of their raw work from the day. Other creatives share their achievement/s for the day: show us the garden you weeded, the painting you worked on, the straw you spent the day spinning into gold. We are here to celebrate your efforts with you.

Same pandemic, same price through the end of 2020: $45

Mini Retreat
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