Pen to Page: Guided Journaling

Join a small group of people who gather online to indulge in the self-care art of journaling.

Once, twice, or all four sessions a week, journaling separately together can be surprisingly comforting, life-affirming, and reassuring. , and we invite you along for the experience.

Pen to Page is a popular first step on the writing journey and a wonderful way to begin reconnecting with creativity. It’s also incredibly valuable for this who want to take their writing to deeper levels, and for this who have been experiencing overwhelm and are blocked by the existential crises of current events.

The inspiration that has been dormant and elusive for many writers and creatives in 2020 can be recovered with practice.

The act of recording life in a year of pandemic and social upheaval is valuable in its own right, whether you’re the only one who knows what’s going through your mind or you end up sharing your thoughts with the world. Join us with your journal to see what your pen puts on the page.

Newbies and life-long journalers welcome.

I’ll be on hand with the Magic Box of Words, light direction, check ins, and structure — all designed to move you gently and safely through the gift of meaningful introspection.

Pen to Page: Morning sessions
August 7 through December 1, 2020
First Friday of the month: 730-9 a.m.
Third Friday of the month: 730-9 a.m.

Pen to Page: Evening sessions
August 18 through December 15, 2020
First Tuesday of the month: 730-9 a.m.
Third Tuesday of the month: 730-9 a.m.

Would you prefer a subscription? $45/month lets you pick and choose between workshops, labs, journaling nights, retreats, and more.

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