February Challenge: Flash Lit

Hello writers, poets, and storytellers! Welcome to the first Flash Lit challenge of the year. We’ll do it again in June and October, but Flash Lit Feb is closed. Click on the links to read each collection of 3-minute stories written by members of To Live and Write in Alameda.

When writers share their lit with us, they give permission for us to share it in turn across our social media, which includes this website, our Facebook group To Live and Write in Alameda, and our Instagram account @toliveandwrite.

Those who write along with us throughout the month end up with 10 short stories to brag about by the end of each challenge — or maybe 10 poems or blog posts or narrative non-fiction pieces — and 30 by the end of the year. The choice is yours.

How scary is that? So scary, it’s exhilarating! You might actually have proof you’re a writer (in case you didn’t before) and a stash of stories, poems, blog posts, or narrative non-fiction pieces to show off. Hey. You might even have the beginnings of a collection or memoir or novel to work into something publishable … fancy that.

Members get to see the prompt first. Want that? Jump on Facebook and ask to join To Live and Write in Alameda.

Happy writing. Happy reading!

*In February, writers get 24 hours for the 10th prompt (48 in a leap year).