March Challenge: Word Count

~The 2018 challenge is over, but you can still find the daily word counts in our Facebook group and Instagram @toliveandwrite~

Welcome to the March challenge: Writing to arbitrary daily word count goals set by — Mwahahaha — ME.

Did you just run away? COME BACK. I promise not to hurt you. I’m easing us into this month’s purpose with very achievable word counts across the first week. This is an excellent way for the returning, new, and relatively new writer to get into the swing of it, and to grow into producing more words as the month progresses. Easy goals begin at 150 and work our way up to 500 words a day by April.

The word count might stress you out or strain your attention span at first if you’re not used to writing every day, but stick with it; the pay-off is a solid month of being a writer who writes (as opposed to a writer who used to write, or dreams about writing, or plans to write some day).

That’s what you’re here for, right — to identify as a writer in one way or another? Why not do it by actually writing?

In March we feed the inner writer X number of words every day, so he/she will stop consuming us with guilt. (X is a minimum number — feel free to write more). There are three goals posted a day, Easy, Steady, and Crazy.

If you’re blanking on what to sit down and write, HMU at You do not have to have a project in the works to participate.

Each day’s word count goal will be posted in our Facebook group To Live and Write in Alameda and our Instagram @toliveandwrite. Let us know how you’re doing. Search #2LWA on Instagram and Twitter to find it quickly.

You know you want to.