~ Accomplices ~

An Accomplice means business. Members at this level focus on setting and meeting specific goals for their writing. A novel completed. A collection of poems published. A blog sponsored. You’re eager to advance your understanding of plot, poetry, pitching. You’re passionate about your genre and you know why—or at least want to figure it out. You’re motivated to move out of the hobby zone into the place where writing pays for some, if not all, of your bills. You understand there’s no magic formula for this, and you’re ready and willing to put in the work.

Facilitated discussion, individualized attention, and group support are key to the Accomplices experience. At this level, the monthly challenges are more than just fun distractions; your coach and facilitator uses them to nurture your efforts and greater ambitions in structured, deliberate ways.

At the Accomplice level, the focus is on turning your dream into reality. The fee $40/month ($400/year) fee includes:

  • Everything in the Cohort membership, with coaching, accountability, and individualized support in the form of prompts, workshopping opportunities and more
  • Access to password-protected materials
  • Access to Accomplices-only online Write-Alongs
  • Two Writing Salons per month
  • One private 60-minute coaching session per quarter
  • Opportunities to group Mastermind your goals and ambitions   
  • 25% discount on labs and workshops, online and IRL
  • 25% discount on all retreats or one retreat at cost annually 
  • 25% discount on merchandise
  • Individualized and engaged support developing your author platform

As an Accomplice, you understand the importance of hiring professional editors and assembling insightful beta readers who know your genre. There’s a reason you have made time and space in your life to write: to publish.

You’re willing to invest in yourself and the success of your fellow Accomplices. You thought maybe you’d have to do all this alone, but you’ve got resources. Come be a part of a slightly more intense, notably more focused group, hell bent on making this writing thing happen before someday fades beyond reach.

“Writing a novel is like running a marathon but you’re alone, in the rain, and don’t know where you’re going. That is, unless you find a community like To Live and Write in Alameda. I have never met so many talented, vibrant, supportive writers in my entire life. When I get stuck I know that someone will be there either online or at one of the many gatherings during the week to cheer me on, offer practical advice, or just lend an ear.”

~ Jannette Eng, YA and Mystery


To Live And Write was created by Bronwyn Emery, a writing and creativity coach in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been growing and nurturing an active resource and support group for writers on Facebook since 2014. She is the person behind the events, activities, challenges, and other shenanigans published here. Membership in To Live And Write falls under her coaching services. 

With the enhanced support, discussions, opportunities, and accountability Bronwyn offers this membership group, the monthly challenges shift from fun distractions to useful tools for your success.

The Months of Extraordinary Goals (MEG) in January, May, and September are in place to help you stay focused on setting and tracking realistic steps and milestones to achieving your goals.

The Flash Lit challenges of February, June, and October gain a higher purpose as customized tools to break up current obstacles in your writing, practice different approaches to your project, or tighten your storytelling.

The Word Count months of March and July keep you warmed up for NaNoWriMo in November, with its 50,000-word challenge. While Friends and Cohorts members are pushing themselves to write 150-500 words each day, you’re getting used to word count goals designed to make NaNoWriMo feel easy.

If you’d like to use the Daily Pages challenges of April, August, and December to enhance your storytelling, plotting, blogging, or poetry, being part of this membership group is the way to go.

You are not required to participate in any of the monthly challenges to benefit from being an Accomplice. But if you do, you get next-level, individualized attention from your writing and creativity coach, all fashioned to help you move forward on your goals.