Pen to Page: Journaling Together

Join us for a session of journaling in the virtual company of others doing the same.

It can be a surprisingly comforting and reassuring activity, and we invite you along for the experience.

Newbies and life-long journalers and everyone in between welcome.

I’m on hand to guide you with prompts, direction, structure, and to keep you safe if your mind wanders into dark places.

Or, you can pop the earbuds in, tune me out, and luxuriate in some alone time with your thoughts and your journal.

Got Zoom exhaustion? After intros you can stop looking at the screen and lose yourself in your journaling. It’s weird, but there’s something about writing in the company of other people who are aware of you but not looking over your shoulder can be quite productive and even a bit liberating.

Some people like to share what comes up for them when they work with prompts from The Magic Box of Words, but you don’t have to. I respect your privacy and will not ever push you to share.