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Heidi Benson Stagg is a part-time mermaid and full-time Nana. She lives on the Alameda Riviera aboard her 42 ft sailboat, Sonho, with her husband Aaron and Chiweenie Tiki. Heidi divides her time between caring for her three energetic grandchildren, working at a synagogue and racing on the estuary. She has been a frequent contributor to Alameda Shorts and has read at Bay Area Generations. Heidi is passionate about cooking in her tiny galley and often features recipes as well as short stories on her blog, Vivo O Sonho. Her greatest desire is to cut the docklines and sail the world, writing about both the journey and the destination.

June 2021 | Flash Lit Collective | Prompt #1:

Image credit: Eric C Carter @dizzypixel. Photograph + illustration by hand; no filters. Like his work? Let him know: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Dizzypixel

Feathered Friend

“Feathers? Seriously, Amy, this get-up is too much.”

Dora eyed her friend’s outfit. Amy was known for her flamboyant get-ups, but this one was over the top. Turquoise feathers were attached to a sheer body suit, strategically covering her private bits. Barely.

“Really?” Amy answered, “It took me days to create. I’m wearing it.”

“Well, you better wear a coat or they won’t let you in. You look naked.”

“I look fabulous! You’re such a prude, Dora. Why don’t you let me do your make-up tonite?”

“Fine. Just don’t make me look like a clown. I’m a firm believer in ‘less is more.’

Despite Dora’s predictions, the girls had no problem getting into the night club. And as expected, all eyes were riveted on Amy as they made their way through the crowded room to the bar. Amy loved being the center of attention and Dora didn’t mind being in the wings. She was a psychology student and was fascinated by the lengths that men would go to flirt with Amy. She often used these outings as case studies for her assignments and was sure there would be plenty of fodder tonight.

They were waiting on their drinks when the first suitor approached.

“Hey, Peacock. Wanna dance?” He was one of the confident jocks that always made an early beeline for Amy.

“No thanks. I’m waiting on my drink.”

“Your little friend can hold your drink. Let’s go.”

“I said no thanks,” Amy replied, turning her back on the guy.

He wasn’t taking no for an answer and went to reach for her arm. Before he could make contact, Dora’s hand flashed out, twisting the guys wrist back and bringing him to his knees.

“The lady said no thanks. Now beat it,” Dora hissed.

He didn’t wait to be told again and took himself down the bar to lick his wounds and search out his next conquest.

“Well, that was fun!” Amy laughed, clinking her Cosmo against Dora’s beer bottle. Dora rolled her eyes and laughed with her.

Amy danced while Dora held their places at the bar, chatting with the bartender and watching the hook-ups unfolding around her.

Returning to their barstools, Dora asked Amy if she wanted another round.

“Nah, I’m tired. Let’s get out of here,” Amy answered.

“Hey, Birdie. Heading home already? Why don’t you take me with you?”

As they were leaving the club, the pushy jock made one last attempt, blocking their exit.

“Dude, she didn’t want to dance with you. And she isn’t leaving with you. Now move,” Dora said, stepping in front of Amy and putting herself face-to-face with the guy.

“Who are you? Her Bitch?” he sneered.

It was Amy’s turn to get into the mix and she sidled up to Dora, snaking her arm around her waist.

“She’s no one’s bitch. But she’s all mine. Take me home, Lover.”

Dora answered by placing her lips on Amy’s, then giving her bottom a sharp slap.

“Naughty girl. I told you those feathers would get you in trouble.”

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