Writing Retreats 2019

Come away with us — for a weekend or a week — and sink into the experience of being a writer among writers. Put words on paper. Honor your creativity. Put words on paper. Draw inspiration from a new environment. Put words on paper. Spark the beginnings of deep and meaningful connections with other writers. Put. Words. On. Paper.

There are several To Live & Write retreats each year, our favorite being a round-trip train journey devoted to the experience of traveling while writing. We might head out to Reno, up to Seattle, or down to San Luis Obispo, writing and snacking together the whole way. After a day or two living the writer life at our destination, we jump back on the train and head home. We write or sleep or socialize and enjoy the view as it slides on by the window.

Sure, you can do it on your own — and we encourage you to do so, if you can’t make it to one of our retreats — but when you add other people to the mix you add layers and dimension to your experience, which can’t help but add layers and dimension to your writing.

This year, we have several retreats on our roster. There are three left to choose from:

July 26-28: Write on the Mountaintop: Monterey area, California.

September 26 – 29: Write by the Waves: One house, one group, one excellent cook. The Sea Ranch area, Northern California coast.

November 1 – 4: Write on the Rails: Write on the train, write at the hotel, write on the train home. Emeryville to Reno and back.

For 2020, we have our sights set on several California and Nevada retreats again, as well as a journey up or over to different states (fingers crossed for Washington and New Mexico). Wanna bust out of the US for week or so? We’re also looking at longer retreats in Egypt, Canada, and Singapore. Who knows where we’ll be after that? Costa Rica sounds good, as do France, Spain, and New Zealand.

Basically, we’re hungry for inspiration and experience across the globe, all to feed the writer within.

To Live & Write retreats are hosted by Bronwyn Emery, the writing and creativity coach behind this organization. Her retreats are designed to balance a strong level of individual attention with group activities and independent writing, all to facilitate support, connection, and a sense of real achievement among participants.

Each retreat is a safe space because she believes in (and has witnessed) the power of safe spaces to invite access to deeper expression and stimulate new levels of creativity.

Questions, concerns, or suggestions? Eager to apply for the retreat(s) calling your name? Email Bronwyn at info@toliveandwrite.org.

Join us. You know you want to.
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